Ben Rawson

Ben Rawson

I firmly believe in trying to achieve balance in life. That's a big reason triathlon has had so much appeal for me. I really enjoy the challenge and variety that training in the different disciplines provides. Racing is incredibly rewarding because it allows me to justify all the beer I drink afterwards! Outside of triathlon, I have a terrific family and work as a Physician specializing in musculoskeletal/spine and regenerative medicine. 

  • Date of Birth/Location: 1/16/78 in Grand Rapids, MI. Now living in Madison, WI
  • Years Racing: on/off for ~20 years
  • Strengths on the course: pacing
  • Goals for 2014:  top 3 overall in most races
  • Family Status: married to an incredibly supportive wife with two great kids
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Little known fact about me: I was invited to try out for the Thai national running team. FYI, the Thai people are not known for their running prowess...
  • Favorite Races: Ironman Brazil, IMWI, Reeds Lake Triathlon (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Favorite Result: 15th overall at IMWI 2013
  • Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Golfing, eating and cheering on my MSU Spartans!
  • Favorite Food: my in-law's kebabs-like none other!
  • Any other cool bits of info/something funny, etc! I've lived in 5 different cities over the past 10 years. We're moving to Austin, TX soon (to make it city #6) and I'm stoked that I no longer have to run/bike/drive in the snow!

Mid-season recap

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Tri Tips and Tricks

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Privilege and Honor

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The individual nature of non-traumatic sports injuries

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I see/hear a lot of questions online and through informal medical channels about injury advice. I've put together a few things that should be taken into consideration when addressing an injury.

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